Fortmatic is a non-custodial key management services provider, and we give users the option to export their keys at any time. Just click “Wallet” on Fortmatic.com and follow the prompts.

There will be two options:

As a backup
Completely out of Fortmatic's system

With option one, even after exporting, you'll still continue using that wallet address next time you log in.

With option two, once you export your key, the wallet address associated with that key will be completely removed from Fortmatic’s platform. This means you will no longer be able to access that address with Fortmatic. If you delete, lose, or otherwise mishandle the keystore file after it is exported, we are unable to help. The next time logging in, a new private key and ethereum address will be automatically generated for you.

After exporting your private key, you can import it to other wallet softwares.

Here are some instructions for importing the file to metamask.

First you have to create a metamask wallet. You can download the metamask chrome extension on their website https://metamask.io.

Once you have the wallet created, with the metamask extension open —> click the colorful logo in the top right —> click "import account" —> Select type: JSON file —> chose the file --> enter the password you used when originally downloading the file, which will decrypt it.

Then you should be all set.
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